Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Yet Another New Etsy Store - Lace Supplies Dot Etsy Dot Com

After my adventures making fabric flowers for weddings and headbands, etc, I have found some of my leftover lace and started another etsy store:  Lace Supplies.
I think 3 stores is the maximum for me to maintain! I hope that when these items sell I will be able to invest in more laces(vintage and recent).

I love Etsy, because once I have a store up, I have free time all day to do whatever I need to do. I might spend one hour in the morning making treasuries, responding to customers, and posting new items. The rest of my day is spent in studying, cooking, and music practice! I love not babysitting my business all day every day. Before Etsy, I ran my own jewelry business on a website called Tophatter. It's a virtual auction house and I would have to check in every hour to schedule my items. In the end, the time just wasn't worth it!

I very much enjoy editing my images with Picasa! It's so quick and easy. 
View them in store at Lace Supplies.

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